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Whats new in Total Hip Replacement?

Direct Superior Approach for Total Hip Replacement

Amongst the many recent advances in joint replacement surgery, both surgeons and patients have driven interest in early functional recovery and rapid/enhanced recovery protocols.

Enhanced Recovery Protocols (ERPs) are now common place in hospitals helping reduce length of stay, minimise complications and improve patients’ outcomes and satisfaction ratings. One key aspect of this multifaceted approach is the minimisation of surgical trauma and damage to the soft tissues.

Dr Rohan Brunello has a keen interest in ERPs and has helped implement this at the facilities which he attends. He has adopted the Direct Superior Approach (DSA) to the hip for joint replacement in 2016. This is a modified muscle sparing approach which preserves some of the key stabilisers to the hip joint (the Iliotibial band and short external rotators). He has received training from the most experienced development surgeons in the USA and Australia over the last three years. He now teaches the technique and mentors those wishing to adopt it in Australia and Asia Pacific. The approach is safe and broadly applicable. The exposure allows direct vision and safe implantation of the Total Hip Replacement components through a single incision.

Potential Benefits:

  • Shortened incision
  • Reduced post-operative pain
  • Early stability and return of function
  • No requirement for hip precautions
  • Reduced hospital stays
  • Earlier resumption of driving/activity of daily living

As always, each patient should discuss with their surgeon what is best for them in their specific case. Please see the position statement on surgical approaches to the hip.

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